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Oh, girl: A Talk with Julie Taymor

At the 31st edition of Göteborg International Film Festival, back in early February 2008, I participated in a press session and a Masterclass with American stage and film director Julie Taymor (Frida, Across the Universe). It was a great day, and I got to talk quite a bit with Taymor about a wide range of topics. I wrote it up for my editor at Norwegian film magazine Rushprint (Norwegian version here), and now I’ve finally written an English language translation. Taymor’s reflections upon her working method, her films and thoughts upon the visual arts, really makes for an interesting read. Or at least so I think. Here it is, “Oh, girl: A Talk with Julie Taymor“:

Director Julie Taymor

Director Julie Taymor

The idiograph

“The first thing I do when I’m creating, either for stage or for cinema, is to find the idiograph of the story. Which is; the one, simple expression that can tell everything. And at the same time be recognizable for the audience. It’s like in old Japanese paintings – if you were to paint a bamboo forest, you should be able to find its essence with only three strokes,” says American stage and film director Julie Taymor with coruscating eyes and gesticulating hands. We’re sitting in a café in Gothenburg, Sweden (and I note to myself that I’ve learned a new word: idiograph.).

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Julie Taymor about making a Spider-Man musical

Julie Taymor, director of Titus, Frida and Across The Universe, is making a stage musical version of Spider-Man. In this clip she talks about some of the challenges they’re facing, and about (maybe) casting Across The Universe-actors Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood in the leading parts as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane. Check out the short clip below (extracted from my interview with Taymor).

I must say, as a Spider-Man fan, that I’m curious about why we need a musical about the web slinging hero, and how it actually can be realized – with all the dancing, singing and flying, you know. But I believe Taymor is a great film director – and I’m sure her stage work is even more impressive, that being her original arena and all.

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