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Concerning a Return, a Reprise and a Good Story

Dear reader,

My previous post here dates back to October 19th 2007; in a time when the world looked much more different than now. A bomb went off in Karachi, but Benazir Bhutto was still breathing. Somewhere a small child put their first foot forward, and an old man went blind. I can’t remember anything from that day. Except! I wrote here on Subtitles that Jim Emerson had created a montage that expressed his love for cinema. Since then, I’ve not been writing, as I wanted to write. Yet now, I have returned. Why?

My tree in Istanbul

This is my tree. My return to writing in this space began after reading a piece titled “On Blogging“, in which Mr. Girish Shambu poses a simple, difficult question with more explanation than this: “Why do you blog?”. I remember answering, without answering: “I don’t – anymore. So lets move on to the next item in my feed reader.” Yet, just minutes later, a comment in the thread, by Mr. Michael Guillen of The Evening Class, played to me like a grandfather’s wise words to his grandchild.

He tells a great story, a personal one, as an answer to Girish’s question. I’ll just quote the conclusion: “I blog to retain creative integrity and to keep pace and to make friends with others in the blogosphere. And to dance against death.” It wasn’t a particular familiar element in this that set me off, pondering my return to writing here at Subtitles. It was simply the sheer value of a good story, well told – combined with the obvious relation Girish’s question had to my own reluctancy.

This, in turn, reminded me that my distance to writing was a hoax. Damn sure I’ve got the time to think, to write. I’ve got the words. The fingers. The pixellated ink. And now… the spark:

So, I’m back in this space. And I plan to both write the long, and the short of it.

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