Introducing Subtitles to Cinema

Dear reader,

Welcome to a new film blog; Subtitles to Cinema. This is the place in which I, Norwegian writer/filmmaker Karsten Meinich, will share my thougths on cinema from all corners of the world, and also my own work.

Subtitles to Cinema

So, who am I, and why do I write about cinema?

I’m a half-Turkish Norwegian with moustache and beard. I’m 25 years old, and I’m madly in love with film. I dig both American and European cinema and films from other parts of the world alike, but my goal, and passion, is to find and delve into films that transcend in some way, – that carry me over into another place (examples at the end of this post).

I’m going to write more about these subjects, but for now… I’ll say we’re on a need to know basis. I’ve been writing about film in Norwegian for many years – starting out in ’99 at long-running, though now defunct, web magazine FilmListen. Five years ago I decided to shift into focusing mainly on making my own films, but I’ve also been writing freelance for Norwegian film journal Rushprint and its blog Rushblogg.

Personal and passionate writing about cinema have always been a dear thing to me; both as a reader and as a writer. For the last few years I’ve been slowly falling in love with some exceptional writing being laid out on a variety of English language film blogs – so much that I’ve almost completely ceased writing myself.

But then I thought I should give it another shot; I would like to try writing in English – try to take part in the ongoing discussion (or rather; Lovemaking with cinema art) that is going on in all these wonderful film blogs around (you can find links to some of these in my blogroll). That idea of creating “Subtitles to Cinema” is at least two years old. So it has been long in the making. Finally, I now have a space for this kind of writing. Content-wise, the focus here will be on writing about films that engage me, doing interviews with people that inspire me and commenting on issues that I care about. And I’ll make sure to spark a discussion or two.

So, I hope you will find something worth reading here in the weeks and months and years to come. Again: Welcome to “Subtitles to Cinema”, and please subscribe to the feed.

Best regards,


PS: I’m adding four stills from my two most favorite films from recent years. Norwegian film Reprise (2006) and German-Turkish film Gegen die Wand (2004). Both films are recent masterpieces of European cinema worth checking out (I’ll write more on them further on).

Reprise - i parken


Reprise - Viktoria Winge

Head-on - opening shot



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2 responses to “Introducing Subtitles to Cinema

  1. Sweet, welcome to the fray, Karsten! Your English is better than a lot of native speakers, don’t you worry about that one iota. (And great Kiarostami piece!)

    And man, I gotta see “Reprise” — Filmbrain keeps yakking about it…

  2. karstenm

    Thanks Aaron, — and congratulations on being the very first commenter on Subtitles to Cinema!

    “Reprise” is just… what can I say… I’m so proud that it was made in Norway! Sadly the DVD that is for sale here has not got English subtitles included – or I’d offer to send you one.

    I guess distribution in the US is arranged (or in the works), but as I’ve told Filmbrain: I would’ve loved to see a Benten DVD of “Reprise”.

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